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Mrs Lowry & Son
Australian Premiere

Starring Timothy Spall as the inimitable artist L.S. Lowry himself, and an excellent Vanessa Redgrave as his mother, this is a gentle comedy that will warm hearts of art lovers and sceptics alike.

Lowry lives all his life with his over-bearing mother Elizabeth who constantly tries to dissuade him from pursuing his artistic ambitions, whilst never failing to remind him what a disappointment he is to her. Spending his days as a rent collector Lowry takes art classes in the evening and paints into the early hours of the morning yearning for his work to be appreciated in London and beyond. While his disdainful mother is the ultimate obstacle to his success, she is the very reason Lowry paints anything at all, desperate to create something, anything, which will make her happy.

Helmed by Adrian Noble, a former director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, this accurate depiction of the relationship between the iconic British artist and his mother is tinged with nostalgia, while the stunning detail of the expert set and costume design envelopes the audience into life in early 20th century Lancashire.

Adrian Noble
Vanessa Redgrave, Timothy Spall, Stephen Lord
2019 | 91 min
Comedy, Biography, Drama
United Kingdom
Remarkable two-handler from Vanessa Redgrave and Timothy Spall.
Official Selection
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019
Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019